The Hunters

by Panther Heart



from the forthcoming album.

Members include: Pam Serna (Piano, Melodica, Vocals), Teri Gartner (Glockenspiel, Vocals), Lisa Narinian (Charango, Glockenspiel, Vocals), Patrick Whatley (Guitar, Vocals), Christopher Lyles (Harp, Piano, Vocals), Jose Serna (Guitar, Vocals), Ryan Serrano (Drums, Vocals), Jason Cordero (Bass, Vocals), Guillermo Luna (Cello, Vocals)


The village gather hunters to find and kill the Dire Wolf. A little girl is ignored when she pleads for them to find another way. The hunters battle the Dire Wolf and are all slaughtered. The little girl finds the corpses of the hunters as the Dire Wolf walks away from the scene.


released October 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Panther Heart Long Beach, California

Panther Heart is a 9-piece collaborative music project from Long Beach, Ca.

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